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Wheat Thins Coupons

When you walk into your home after a hard and long day at work the last thing you really want to do is spend hours in the kitchen cooking up an elaborate dinner. You drop your bag right by the door and feel dead on your feet. Meandering into the kitchen you hang off the refrigerator door, peering skeptically into the depths. Nothing. Not a thing to eat. Not really. You close the door and remember the coupons that used to be stuck there by a magnet. What were they? You know you used them just this weekend. That’s right, they were wheat thins coupons, the best deal you could find.

Wheat Thins Coupons

So you walk over to the pantry, thinking a salty, wheat snack sounds about right. You pull out the box of cracker and instantly munch one down. Not bad, but you don’t really want to eat the whole box of crackers in one sitting and call that dinner. That would really be a waste of your printable wheat thins coupons, after all. So you return to the fridge once more. This time you are standing a little taller because you have some sustenance in you after a couple more crackers.

Printable Wheat Thins Coupons

There you see some cheddar cheese and you are suddenly struck with an idea. You tear your gaze away and there it is, sitting on the kitchen table, the green pear you forgot to take into work this morning. With your one free hand you pull out the cheese, some Dijon mustard, and the last bit of ham. Then you snatch the pear off the kitchen table, blessing the wheat thin coupons you had from our Cracker Coupons website, for now you can make a delectable dinner on the cheap and in less than five minutes. That must be a record or something.

First you slice the pear. Then you slice the cheese into thick slices. Next, cut up the ham. Lastly, you assemble the crackers like this: cracker, slice of ham, cheese, pear, top with a dab of the mustard. You have about 15 crackers spread across the plate and they look pretty fancy. That was almost too easy. You check the clock on the microwave and see that your favorite television show is just about to start. Excellent. You pull the milk that you bought, because of the money you saved with the wheat thins coupons as well as Rice Thins Coupons or Nabisco Crackers Coupons, and pour yourself a cold glass and settle down on the couch.

You place your plate of crackers within reaching distance on the coffee table, the milk next to it, and snatch up the remote. Then you kick back and click on the television. Then you pick your first cracker. You look at it. It looks pretty good, but you are still apprehensive. I mean, perhaps you are deluding yourself into thinking this would make a good meal.

On a deep breath, you push all hesitation aside and just pop the whole thing in your mouth and start to chew. You raise your eyebrows. It is actually pretty good. You try another one, and another. Then, before you know it there are only two left on the plate and you are full. Yep, that’s right. You are full off of a handful of crackers and some condiments. That’s crazy. You hop off the couch and run over to the computer to find more printable wheat thins coupons, already forming your next concoction in your head, but this time you will need the parmesan basil crackers.

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