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The commonly known Triscuit, snack cracker of Nabisco, is a square baked, whole wheat wafer. This little beauty was invented in 1900 and has been around ever since. These snack crackers are rich in whole grains and are believed to help reduce the risks of heart disease, being low in saturated fats and cholesterol. So why not take advantage of triscuit coupons and get some whole wheat into your diet, leaving you rich not only in your fiber, but in your wallet as well.

Triscuit Coupons

As it turns out, nine of ten Americans don’t get enough whole grain in their diet. Triscuit crackers help counteract this statistic. These crackers are made from the softest, most delicious source of wheat. It is called Soft White Winter Wheat and is harvested in the Great Lakes region of North America by skilled farmers. They are packed full of whole grain, fiber, carbohydrates and many other nutrients. You are getting even more for your dollar now, especially when using the triscuit coupon along with Ritz Cracker Coupons and Kebbler Club Crackers Coupons when you complete your purchase.

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Some of you are probably thinking the Triscuits are the scratchiest, crunchiest crackers you know of. You would be right, and it’s because of all the whole grains and fiber. But that doesn’t mean that the only thing you can taste is going to be the whole wheat. In fact, there are several flavors of this cracker available.

These flavors are divided into two main categories. First is baked whole grain. Under this type of cracker you have Deli style rye, white thin crisps, garden herb, rosemary and olive oil, reduced fat, fire roasted tomato, roasted garlic, and hint of salt. Second, there are the thin crisps. With these types of crackers you can buy cracked pepper and olive oil, formaggio, and parmesan garlic. With all of these flavors just waiting to be tried, there is no better time to use the best deals available. Triscuit coupons, printable from your home computer from our Cracker Coupons website, can be used on any of these varieties and will help you save money on a food that can help save your heart.

If the variety of flavors are not enough to persuade you to use a truscuit coupon, then how about a couple of topping recipes to spread on these delicious crackers? One super easy way to dress up a Triscuit cracker is called a Caprese Topper. All you do is set 8 cracked pepper and olive oil crackers out on a plate. Cut some mozzarella cheese into thin slices and lay a slice on each cracker. Next you halve four grape tomatoes and place one half on each slice of cheese, on each triscuit cracker. Next you add the basil. This is best is used fresh from the garden, but any type of basil you have on hand will do. All you need to do is lay a basil leave next to the tomato and crack some fresh pepper over the whole ensemble. Now you have a deliciously healthy snack.

By using a Triscuit coupon you can save money on a product that is so full of fiber and flavor. You can dress the crackers up, or eat them plain. However you like them, they are even more enjoyable when you know you are saving money.

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