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With Ritz crackers, you now have a classic made even better through Ritz cracker coupons. These flakey and buttery crackers have always been a classic snack cracker, often seen at dinner tables, at parties, at feasts. The scalloping around the edge of each cracker is well known to any cracker connoisseur. They were introduced by Nabisco in 1934 and have been going strong ever since. These circular crackers, lightly salted, have approximately 79 calories per serving, about five crackers. It’s no wonder they are a favorite.

Ritz Coupons

There are several varieties of Ritz crackers available, and now with a Ritz crackers coupon from our Cracker Coupons website, you can have the best deals on all of those flavors. The original, low sodium, and reduced fat flavors are all well complimented with dips, spreads, and toppings. Whether it’s cream cheese, peanut butter, or tuna, the Ritz cracker will fit all of your snacking needs.

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Next you have the whole wheat. Not only is this a healthy alternative in this fiber deficient world, but it is not like those other, cardboard tasting brands. The whole wheat of the Ritz cracker is full of flavor and will fill you up without you churning through a whole sleeve or crackers. With a Ritz cracker coupon you can eat healthier and save.

Ritz crackers also come in roasted vegetable, honey butter, hint of salt, and brown sugar cinnamon. Use your Ritz cracker coupons along with Rice Thins coupons and Cheez It Coupons on these if you like. The hint of salt and roasted vegetable go well with your fresh harvests from your own garden; like tomatoes, basil, zucchini. But for the sweeter side of the crackers you can choose honey butter and brown sugar cinnamon. Top these with frosting or fruit for a delicious snack.

Then, if you want the option of good flavor without the hassle of making your own dips and toppings, these crackers also come in Ritz Bits Sandwiches. These miniature sized crackers come with several different types of filling between two crackers. Little sized sandwiches, obviously. There is the cheese, the snack choice of family vacations. There is peanut butter, something that easily meshes with lunch sack foods. There is also S’mores, a sweet little option which works perfectly for dessert after dinner. Last, but not least, the little sandwich of peanut butter and jelly, a slight twist on another favorite. By using a Ritz cracker coupon you can try all the varieties at a price that is the best available.

So be free to snack by using the Ritz cracker coupons. Get the varieties you love or try something new, for a price that won’t leave you cringing in the check out line. Pack them for your children’s’ lunches or pack them for your own lunch. They can be elegant enough for a family party, yet casual enough to eat alone in front of the television. They go well with salads and soups, going even better with sandwiches and bananas. Make your own Ritz sandwiches with your favorite fillings, or use one of the already made Ritz bits sandwiches.

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