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Isn’t it interesting to note that the fast food market fluctuates from a fixation on healthy eating, to the fat infused triple bacon burgers? They can never seem to make up their mind. Fortunately, the people of Nabisco made up their mind to make healthier snacks, and they are sticking to it. Now, with Nabisco coupons, you too can check out their new and improved products. Not only have they added more whole wheat, but they work to make each of their products taste just as delicious as always.

Nabisco Coupons

The company has increased the whole wheat in more than one hundred products creating a product high in dietary fiber, which has been shown to reduce risk of heart disease as well as increase overall health by improving digestion and providing essential nutrients. An interesting fact is that nine out of ten Americans are not getting the fiber they need. That is just one more reason to use printable Nabisco coupons. Not only will you get the snack foods you love, but will get them with the fiber you need.

Printable Nabisco Crackers Coupons

Nabisco’s Wheat Thins and Honey Maid Grahams reigned for decades as some of the healthiest snacks in their grocery aisle. Then, when refined flours and processed foods became equivalent to trans fat on the healthy scale, Nabisco had to reconsider it’s options. Luckily, they took the consumers criticism at face value and committed to turn its products around. Especially products like the Ritz crackers, which were high in calories and low in nutrients. The company worked hard to find just the right recipe for the combination of taste, texture, and whole grain. They wanted to be sure and maintain the delicious taste and texture, while significantly increasing the amount of whole grain in each product. Now you too can enjoy this healthier combination by using Nabisco coupons along with Triscuit Coupons and Keebler Club Crackers coupons and trying them out for yourself.

These are only baby steps in the right direction, when you consider the size of Nabisco and the number of brands under this company’s umbrella. Not only do their products include Triscuits and Wheat Thins, but Rtiz, Premium, and Chicken in a Biskit as well. Can you imagine the effort it would take to change the basic recipes for all of these products? Immense work, certainly. For example, take one of their products, Wheat Thins. The whole grain content in Wheat Thins was doubled from eleven grams to twenty two, using only one hundred percent whole grains. By using the Nabisco you are getting even more wheat for the dollar.

So get as many printable Nabisco coupons as you like and hit the grocery store today. Find the products you love best, and add some of the crackers you have never tried before with coupons on Crackers Coupons website. Mix flavors and add some spreads and you can come up with am enormous variety of healthy snacks. You can give them to your kids knowing you are looking out for their hearts, and keep an eye on your own cholesterol as well.

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