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Going for crackers is something many people do when it comes to snack time. It’s in between lunch and dinner. You stomach lets out a primal growl and you almost have to clutch it to make it stop. What to do? You don’t want to go straight for the sugar, but you need to have something or your stomach might just go into full revolt. You hurriedly make your way to the pantry, fling open the door, and stand staring at all the rows and rows of food. No, not cereal. Don’t want cookies. Ew, granola bars. What to eat, what to eat? Then you spot the perfectly enticing red box. The cheesy yellow crackers you bought using your cheez it coupons. That is the perfect post lunch, pre dinner snack.

Cheez It Coupons

You pull out the box and are pleased to see it is brand new, hasn’t even been torn open yet. This is pretty exciting because you haven’t been the first to open a snack box in ages. In fact, by the time you usually get to the crackers the cardboard is ripped beyond recognition, the plastic is angrily slashed and the remains of the crackers are left only in stale crumbs at the bottom. So you take a moment to savor this new turn of fate. The first to open the box, and it is only made better because you know you used your cheez it coupon from Crackers Coupons website to save money on this precious box.

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Delicately you trace your fingers over the lid and start to tear carefully from one edge to the other; neatly ripping the cardboard so you can still use the tab and slot later. Unlike those who usually go before you, this ritual is one of utmost importance. Not only does the tab and slot keep the contents of your cheez it box fresher longer, but it also means that you won’t be spilling and wasting the contents away on the icky kitchen floor. Thank goodness for those cheez it coupons, and other amazing Sunsine Cracker Coupons and Triscuit Coupons, or you might not have even given this box a second glance on the grocery shelf.

Next you come to the plastic bag inside. You can just make out the delicious orange crackers beyond. Pinching the edges of the bag carefully, you slowly peel them apart. If you are not careful during this stage of unwrapping, you could spill the crackers all over and then where would you be? Cracker less, having wasted the cheez it coupons, and probably still starving. So you peel the edges open just enough so you can slip your hand in and out uninhibited. Now you can smell the cheddar and your mouth starts to water at the thought. After all this arduous work you deserve at least one cracker, right? You pluck it out and slide it carefully onto your tongue. Instantly you can taste the salt and cheese, having forgotten how good these crackers really were.

You dump a good portion into a green plastic bowl you keep for just such occasions, fold down the plastic bag into the box, and slip the box closed once more, replacing it on the third shelf. By now you have had three or four more crackers and can’t get over how good they taste. You take your bowl over to the computer and set it down beside the keyboard, determined to get more of these really great deals. It’s too tempting to just leave the crackers there so you eat a couple more while the web page comes up. Then you wipe your hands on your pants and start printing out more of these online cheez it coupons. After all, they were so worth it. You glance over at the little green bowl, already empty. Maybe just one more handful, after all, you did just do all that work to save even more money with printable Cheez It coupons.

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